Three Reasons You Need To Develop A Video Reel As A Model

As a model, you know that your portfolio is everything. You will get jobs and attention based on the photographs in your portfolio. It is vital to have a number of photographs, from runway photographs to standard photoshoots to creative pictures. With these, you will draw the eye of a number of casting directors and those who hire models. Along with the pictures, you will need to have a video real as well. Here are three reasons you need to have a video reel as a model. 

Seeing you in motion is important

Pictures can be made to be flattering. With the abundance of filters, camera features, and picture retouching, it is possible that a model will look different in pictures than they will in person. If you are being hired for a runway job or a campaign, the casting company may need a specific look. Being able to see you in motion through a video reel will provide the hiring company with information on your overall look. 

Reels are necessary for a spokesmodel 

When some campaigns are hiring for a model, they may be looking for a spokesmodel. This means that you will be hired for pictures as well as commercials, in-person events, and meetups that you may need to host. If you desire to have these opportunities, the hiring agents will need to see you walk and talk in order to determine if you will fit the campaign. Have a professional video production service create a reel that shows you in modeling shoots, speaking, and at functions to put together a well-rounded view. 

Reels are faster to watch than going through photographs

Though you can submit a portfolio and a reel, a reel is faster and more interesting to watch. If there are a lot of models submitting a portfolio for your job, it is a good idea to get a video reel developed. Hiring agents will be able to look at a reel in one minute flat, which can save a lot of time. They can also pause the reel on certain photographs in order to get a better look at a picture. When a hiring agent is attempting to choose between hundreds of candidates, they may throw out some within the first few seconds of viewing their portfolio. With a reel, you get more photographs in a short amount of time and get more chances to make a good impression.  

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